About Team Mechanical

Company overview

The Mission

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of “TEAM” is “ a group of people that come together marked by a devotion to teamwork rather than individual achievements”. And that is what precisely separates TEAM Mechanical from the competition. We are professionals that have come together to provide mechanical solutions to facilities just like yours.


The Challenge

We live in a world where energy efficiency has now become a key component to the success of business. Gone were the days of being content because mechanical systems simply “worked”. Building owners and facility managers were now charged with lowering energy expenses and many did not know where to turn. New technologies promised to reduce energy expenses, but few worked because they ignored the fundamental practices of designing and maintaining mechanical systems.

The Solution

TEAM Mechanical listened to the concerns of building owners and facility managers and developed core principles to increase energy efficiencies among all types of mechanical equipment. Helping educate customers to understand how mechanical systems consume energy, eliminated the uncertainties that currently exist in the industry. With confidence and flexibility, TEAM Mechanical enables facilities to achieve their efficiency goals and reduce energy costs.